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Royal Mounts

Here live those wondrous Mounts belonging to the Princess Nightflames of Dragondale residing within the stables and pasture lands at Castle Dragon. Please feel free to visit... but please remember this is their home and respect this. Do not tease or otherwise harass these beautiful creatures... or thou shalt indeed know the full wrath of the Reigning Princess and her guard.

~ ShadowDancer ~
Western "gentled", single footed, neck-reigned... trained by the Princess herself, and one of her personal mounts. An exquisite example of horseflesh, a 3 year old standing 14 hands high. Spirited but gentle, with an intelligence beyond the norm. Graciously given to Princess Nightflames by Mr.Hugs Animal Adoptions

~ Moonbath ~

Also aquired from Mr.Hugs Animal Adoption, this beautiful mount stands a full 15 hands, and is a prime example of the outstanding quality of horseflesh available through his establishment. Self trained and gentled by Nightflames herself, this spirited 4 year old is her personal choice in mounts for all occations, being as fleet of foot as steady.

~ Shadow Master ~

This beautiful Arabian 2 year old was aquired through Mr.Hugs Animal Adoptions , also. Greenbroke only, in training, probably to be one of the Princess' greatest challenges and acheivements.

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