Krysandra's Castle

Out in the gardens of the grounds of Castle Dragon as you wander about you might also happen to chance upon a lovely minature castle floating there amidst the roses and the greens. This is the home of a lovely young fairy whom the Princess Nightflames recently adopted and brought to live with her. Knowing the way of the larger dragons and creatures roaming the castle halls, the Princess set up this castle out midst the other fairy folk, and out of harm's way. Here lives the lovely KRYSANDRA... adopted from Angel's Adoptions

If you enjoy these graphics and would like one on your page...please don't take them from here... go see ANGEL and adopt a fairy of your very own *s* *hugs* Thanks

Now... to visit with Krysandra in her special realm ... click on the castle below *s*

Krysandra,her prince,the Castle and certificate are the art of:

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